For hundreds of years, members of our order have entertained one another, assembling underground in hidden locations to trade secrets and methods.  Passed down from generation to generation in palace halls and lonely jail cells… in smoky saloons and illicit gambling dens… our superhuman skills have been honed over countless hours of solitary dedication, misspent youth, and trials of blood and sweat. The greatest practitioners are here in New York City, gathering nightly under cover of darkness, moving locations as situations warrant. 

On special evenings discerning members of the public who can keep a secret are invited to share a magical night.

EMURSIVE produces immersive theatre in extraordinary places.

The proprietors of The McKittrick Hotel, Emursive produces the award-winning Sleep No More and numerous live concerts, intimate music festivals, showstopping events, and spectacular themed holiday celebrations at Gallow Green, The Club Car, Manderley Bar and The Overlook Bar.