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For a night of amazement you’ve never experienced before, join New York City’s secret society of master deceptionists, con artists, grifters, card sharks, hustlers, swindlers, and prestidigitators.

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On special nights, doors to our

secret clubhouse are opened a crack

for those in the know.

If you have found this page, then you are among the lucky ones.  Join us for a one-of-a-kind night of peerless virtuosity, mind blowing mischief, and extraordinary cocktails and company.

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Dazzling… Speakeasy Magick is a moveable feast of legerdemain.

Time Out New York

Fooled and Fooled and Fooled Again!

The New York Times

One of the most original and entertaining nights out in the city.

Broadway World

Speakeasy Magick is one of the strongest and most entertaining magic shows in New York City at the moment

Hollywood Soapbox

Access is limited and in high demand.  Don’t miss any chance to join us!